Lot Clearing

Prep Your Lot for Construction

We offer lot clearing services in Austin, & San Antonio, TX

The first step of any commercial or residential construction project is lot clearing. If you're a land developer, construction company, builder or homeowner looking to clear your property, turn to JCS Professional Tree Service, Inc. in Austin, & San Antonio, TX. We have the experience and the equipment needed to clear your lot properly and set up your construction project for success.

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Clearing everything from your lot

Clearing everything from your lot

You don't want your clearing team to leave any debris behind, so choose us for comprehensive clearing services. Our lot clearing services include:

  • Tree removal-removing trees down to the last root to avoid any issues with construction
  • Stump removal-getting rid of any stumps rooted into the ground to allow for easy construction
  • Shrub and bush removal-clearing all remaining bushes and shrubs to create a completely clear lot

Our shrub removal service is the last step of lot clearing. This ensures we dig out all remaining plants so nothing impedes construction. Contact us now if you need tree, stump or shrub removal services.